Own Your Fire, Own Your Life

We spend 99% of our fire trying to change what is unchangeable in our nature. There are 5 elements that make up everything in the Universe, humans only have control of one of them, fire. Fire is the ability to make choices, free will, burn karma, transmute limiting beliefs, reduce conflict and own your power and achieve self-worth.

The Hidden Truths™ Approach

Owning your life is owning all of it. The whole beautiful mess of it. The medicine is in the mess. You are not a victim. You need to look at it all, own that you created it all, then you can create a beautiful life out of it. If you’re ready to get raw, honest, messy and beautiful with yourself, I am your coach. I will help you to own your story so that you can fly! It’s not magic, but it’s magical.





A Little About Me.

I have spent years helping people discover their hidden truths and learning how to undo years of negative internal messages. If you are ready to make peace with your shadows and control your inner fire, then join me on a journey to raising your consciousness.

Man Your Fires

“Self is when you don’t take someone’s fire or give away your own.”

– Dr Frances Yahia

What does it mean to man your fires? In Greek mythology, Hestia was the goddess of the fire. She could not participate in any other rituals, because she was responsible for manning the fires that made all other events happen. Similarly, you have fire, located in your power center or your third chakra. Manning your fires keeps you on your throne, and others on theirs. When we don’t man our fires, we either take power from another or give away our power.

Conflict Puts Out Your Fire

99% of our choices are not choices, but decisions made by the subconscious and false beliefs.

Control Your Fire

You need fire to metabolize your limiting thoughts, emotions, desires and low-level consciousness.

Control Your Fire, Then Fire Me!

My philosophy is to fire your health coach, your wealth coach, your life coach and your love coach, and eventually when I teach you how to use your fire, fire me!

Join the Consciousness Coaching Program

Join a community of like-minded humans who are raising their consciousness to find freedom from emotional pain, trauma, and indecision about the future, with weekly coaching with Dr. Yahia.

Transformation Stories


Kelly Charles

I have been working with Frances for 6 months now and it is without a single doubt the greatest thing I have ever done for myself. She has taught me things about myself that I would not have been able to see, she has taken me to the edge of my comfort zone and beyond . She has guided me through some incredibly difficult things. I won’t turn to anyone but Frances in my life for guidance again. She is the real deal, she speaks the truth and the truth only. Frances is the greatest gift I have ever received.

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Conflict. Choice. Creation. Consciousness.

These words all mean the same thing, it’s how we manage our fire that will determine if a conflict becomes creation, consciousness and choice. In the first 90 days of my consciousness coaching program, I teach you why all conflict is useful, where it comes from and how to use conflict to learn to man your fires rather than burn your life to the ground. Einstein said ”you cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness at which it was created”, what he meant was you have no control over your consciousness level; however, learning to use your fire, the only element for raising consciousness, is the way to live your soul’s purpose and solve the “problem” that is your life.